Redress and fiscal court proceedings

Companies and the financial authorities often have differing opinions with regard to how tax issues should be viewed. A redress (appeal) against a tax assessment can be an effective way to push through a perspective that is advantageous to the company. Of course the financial authorities are also striving to achieve what is the best result from their own perspective.

In this area of tension, PETERSEN HARDRAHT PRUGGMAYER possesses the necessary technical expertise with which to reach a sensible solution with the redress officials within the financial authorities. Assistance right from the beginning of a disputed tax issue can be particularly constructive when the matter could have significant impact on the company and therefore subsequent proceedings before the fiscal courts or even the Federal Fiscal Court appear possible or inevitable.

Successful redress and fiscal court proceedings require the comprehensive checking and comprehensible presentation of the disputed tax issues, and an in-depth knowledge of the material tax law and procedural law (the German fiscal code [Abgabenordnung] and the code of procedure of the German fiscal courts [Finanzgerichtsordnung]).

Our tax consultants have long-term experience in the overseeing of extrajudicial and judicial tax procedures. They are frequently engaged by other tax consultants to oversee redress or fiscal court proceedings. Here it goes without saying that PETERSEN HARDRAHT PRUGGMAYER takes every possible measure to safeguard the direct client relationships between these tax consultants and their clients.