Tax expertise and legal advice in the area of audits are required today more than ever: with the introduction of the computerised audit, which allows official access to the internal data processing of a company, auditors receive the pertinent information more quickly and acquire much more in-depth knowledge. As a result, disputes between auditors and companies have increased.

For this reason, we provide companies with comprehensive support during audits. For us this means checking the relevant data in advance of an audit, preparing that data by means of reliable procedures, and supporting our clients during the final meeting with the auditor if desired.

PETERSEN HARDRAHT PRUGGMAYER also represents its clients in all redress proceedings pending as a result of the findings of an audit.

Our tax consultants not only provide support during audits for companies that are advised on an ongoing basis by PETERSEN HARDRAHT PRUGGMAYER: due to our company’s particular experience in the overseeing of audits, we also receive requests for advice and support from other tax consultants. Here it goes without saying that we take every possible measure to safeguard the direct client relationships between these tax consultants and their clients.