Emergency service, fire protection and civil protection law

We advise municipal and state authorities in all matters regarding emergency services, fire protection and civil protection, in particular

  • on the entrustment of service providers with the provision of rescue services (ground / air rescue) including the comprehensive preparation for and realisation of competitive procedures
  • on the re-organisation of emergency services, including the legally justified adjustment of existing implementation agreements and the adjustment of area and requirement plans
  • on the verification of legally justified calculation of service provider remuneration and remuneration adjustments
  • during remuneration and requirement negotiations between the bodies responsible for the emergency services and the funding bodies, including representation in arbitration and legal administrative proceedings
  • in matters regarding the financing of emergency services in accordance with EU law
  • in matters regarding the liability of those involved with the emergency services
  • when organising emergency healthcare provision
  • in matters regarding legislation in conjunction with the amendment of the relevant statutory and sub-statutory state law
  • during the proper interlinking of the voluntary civil protection structures with the emergency services
  • during the reorganisation or adjustment of developed fire protection structures in rural areas

When providing advice, we consider the generally complex environment of the respective acting stakeholders, in particular state supervisory authorities, funding bodies, service providers and their state and national associations, but also municipal umbrella organisations and decision-making bodies (municipal council, district assembly or association assembly).