Associations / municipal cooperation

We advise municipalities and associations on matters of inter-municipal collaboration, for example through dedicated agreements and association solutions and changes in their membership. Our key areas of work in this regard are:

  • Matters of municipal collaboration, in particular consultation in the area of association law and in conjunction with incorporations and other municipal mergers
  • Drafting and legal review of contracts subject to public law and articles of association in the case of municipal cooperation, such as articles of association for cooperatives and their amendment, special purpose agreements, community agreements, articles of association for administrative associations
  • Comprehensive advice and moderation in the event of disputes regarding the amendment or termination of administrative associations or the withdrawal of individual members from an administrative association, and representation before the legal supervisory authorities
  • Provision of comprehensive support during conversion processes, consultation within the municipal committees, preparation for meetings and moderations
  • Advice for and representation of municipalities and associations with regard to legal supervision (approval procedures, complaints) in relation to municipal cooperations
  • Representation of municipalities and associations in the event of judicial disputes regarding cooperation law, cost allocation disputes, accessions or withdrawals and in the event of rulings by legal supervisory authorities