Corporate and asset succession and inheritance law

Working within an interdisciplinary team of lawyers and tax consultants, we advise wealthy individuals and entrepreneurial families in all aspects of private and business-related asset and corporate succession, as well as with regard to inheritance law, in particular in the following areas:

  • Legal and tax-optimised organisation of corporate and asset succession within the owner’s lifetime (anticipated succession) or due to death
  • The drafting, amendment and annulment of wills and inheritance contracts taking into account foreign assets as well as tax implications at home and abroad, and the drafting of contracts in consideration of family structures and regulations under company and tax law, and in particular for beneficiaries who are minors (appointment of supplementary guardians, gathering of judicial approvals)
  • Structuring and drafting of inheritance contracts and testamentary dispositions from a legal and tax-related perspective
  • Drafting of succession clauses in the articles of association of companies and corporations that serve the interests of all parties
  • Development of measures and company regulations for protection against non-family influences
  • Restructuring of companies in preparation for corporate and asset succession
  • Development and implementation of concepts with a view to avoiding or reducing disadvantageous consequences of succession, in particular those relating to inheritance tax
  • Development of concepts for the tax-efficient distribution of inheritance
  • Support in the handling of communities of heirs
  • Mediation in the event of inheritance disputes
  • Execution of wills
  • Drafting of marriage contracts and matrimonial property right agreements
  • Calculation of entitlements to the distribution of surplus
  • Drafting of (inheritance) tax burden comparisons
  • Representation before finance authorities in legal remedy and complaint proceedings in matters of inheritance tax
  • Advising and judicial representation following succession regarding the assertion, enforcement and defence of all inheritance claims (sole heir, community of heirs, legatee, beneficiary of the compulsory portion, inheritance certificate procedures, distribution of the estate)