Philipp Gutsche

Attorney, Mediator

Philipp Gutsche studied law at the University of Bayreuth with a focus on public commercial law and environmental law. After successfully completing his legal clerkship, he first worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Public Law with a focus on constitutional law at the Technical University of Dresden and the University of Leipzig. In 2019 he started his professional career as a lawyer at PETERSEN HARDRAHT PRUGGMAYER. Since then he has been working mainly in the field of public procurement law. He advises and assists public clients in the structuring and implementation of complex award procedures in the field of service contracts and concessions. His focus is on the awarding of rescue services. Philipp Gutsche is a trained business mediator.


Philipp Gutsche
Königstraße 1
D-01097 Dresden

Philipp Gutsche
Petersstraße 50
D-04109 Leipzig
Philipp Gutsche
ehemaliges Kaufhaus Schocken
Stefan-Heym-Platz 1
D-09111 Chemnitz