Joachim Kloos

Attorney, Specialist in administrative law

Joachim Kloos studied Law in Dresden. After undertaking his legal clerkship, which included postings at various Saxon State Ministries and the German Foreign Office, and working in the field of public law as a member of staff of the Faculty of Law at the TU Dresden, he began practising in 2004. He specialised from the outset in constitutional and administrative law, including the European legal dimension. Joachim Kloos advises and represents clients from the public and private sectors primarily in planning approval and plant approval proceedings, in the drafting of corresponding legal acts and in the forensic review of standards and individual acts. He also has extensive expertise in the law governing public foundations. Joachim Kloos advises local authorities on boundary changes. Acting on behalf of commercial airports and power plant operators is a further area in which he specialises. Joachim Kloos has qualified as a specialist in administrative law and has been a lecturer at the TU Dresden since 2011.


Joachim Kloos
Königstraße 1
D-01097 Dresden

Joachim Kloos
Petersstraße 50
D-04109 Leipzig
Joachim Kloos
ehemaliges Kaufhaus Schocken
Stefan-Heym-Platz 1
D-09111 Chemnitz


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