Dr. Markus Bach

Partner, Attorney

Markus Bach studied law at the University of Leipzig and completed his legal clerkship at the Court of Appeal (Berlin). He began his professional career as a lawyer in 2004 and is a founding partner of PETERSEN HARDRAHT PRUGGMAYER. He advises local and state authorities as well as other public clients in the implementation of complex procurement projects in the field of public services (services and supplies, concessions). His advice covers the entire procurement process, all related strategic, public procurement and specialist legal issues and includes the representation of his clients before the public procurement chambers and public procurement senates as well as the support of the client in the execution of contracts. He has proven and long-standing experience in the procurement of rescue services. Furthermore, Markus Bach advises and represents his clients in matters of commercial administrative law, in particular with a focus on competitive administrative selection procedures. His expertise also extends to questions of Union state aid law. Markus Bach regularly gives lectures on current public procurement law topics.


Dr. Markus Bach
Königstraße 1
D-01097 Dresden

Dr. Markus Bach
Petersstraße 50
D-04109 Leipzig
Dr. Markus Bach
ehemaliges Kaufhaus Schocken
Stefan-Heym-Platz 1
D-09111 Chemnitz

Current articles of Dr. Markus Bach

NEWS | 19.09.2016

Drastische Folgen bei Umgehung des Vergaberechts

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.   Das OLG Saarbrücken hat am 17. August 2016 (Az. 1 U 159/14, bislang nicht rechtskräftig, Revision nicht zugelassen) eine Entscheidung mit vergaberechtlichem Hintergrund getroffen, die sich auch auf die Vergabepraxis für öffentliche Aufträge noch erheblich auswirken ...