Alexej Stephan


Alexej Stephan studied law at the University of Leipzig with study visits to Indonesia and the USA. He then completed his legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Dresden with stations at an international business law firm in Leipzig as well as a liaison office at the EU in Brussels. Since 2020, Alexej Stephan has been working as a lawyer at PETERSEN HARDRAHT PRUGGMAYER and mainly advises both private and public domestic and foreign companies on commercial and corporate law as well as tax law. Another focus of his advisory work is the interface between private and public law.  


Alexej Stephan
Königstraße 1
D-01097 Dresden

Alexej Stephan
Petersstraße 50
D-04109 Leipzig
Alexej Stephan
ehemaliges Kaufhaus Schocken
Stefan-Heym-Platz 1
D-09111 Chemnitz